ndependent entrepreneurship will promote China’s economic and financial restructuring

with the development of China’s economy, modern people are no longer just want to work within the system or work for a lifetime, to become more people to achieve self, to seek a better way of development.

The main

distinctive and diverse, inclusive, social and economic development, provide more choices for the general public. The increase of independent choice can reduce the distortion of labor market, promote the development of social division of labor, and improve the productivity of social labor. As Adam Smith, in "the study on the nature and causes of the wealth of Nations has pointed out," the greatest improvement in labor productivity, as well as the use of the labor of the greater part of the skill, skill and judgment, seems to be the result of the division."

entrepreneurship can not only realize their own value, but also bring the opportunity for more people to create more value for society. From farming to modern market economy, the social division of labor has been refined, the industrial chain has been extended, and the market has been expanding continuously. The multiplier effect in human resources and capital created by more and more people to participate in remodeling of social and economic life, reduce production and transaction costs, improve management, enhance social welfare, and various elements to unleash the vitality.

today, facing the new opportunities and challenges, it is necessary for China to promote a wider range and higher level of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and innovation become a country like the United States, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, South Korea and other countries as the market at home and abroad to create the famous brand recommended

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