Venture capital fund encountered entrepreneurial boom how to choose entrepreneurship projects

a lot of young entrepreneurs will venture capital fund to raise venture capital, and in 2016 China is still the entrepreneurial tide, then, how these venture capital fund to face such entrepreneurial boom? Venture capital fund will favor what entrepreneurial projects?

in "public entrepreneurship, innovation" in the context of business groups is more and more wide, entrepreneurial field more and more wide, the request for funds is also growing. So, which projects are most favored by venture capital fund? Vc firms what method to identify entrepreneurial bubble, and ultimately find the right investment projects? Venture capital funds come from?

What are the most popular


2016 years of "new favorite" where? Is medicine, robot, VR, network video? Still…… According to the international financial news reporter survey, the pharmaceutical industry is expected to become a new outlet. Among them, the focus of the three sub directions: first, biotechnology, including new drugs and genetic technology; two is the field of medical devices and POCT (instant diagnosis) products; the three is the direction of mobile medical services."

and Internet users to win the key point, in the field of medicine, the technical level of cutting-edge technology directly determines the rate of return.

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