Five strokes teach you to reduce the cost of restaurant

shop to do business, make money is important, but also very critical to reduce costs, control costs seem simple, in fact, there is great knowledge. So, how can we reduce the cost of the restaurant? Open restaurant stores mainly from the human, financial, material and other aspects of the start, we summarized the following several points.

1, the technical level of conservation.

2, purchase savings.

3, keep saving kitchen.

Houchu custody of the work is the thickness of the majority of managers to mention, but often it is difficult to get the job done, it should have rules and regulations, and must constantly monitor. The preservation of fresh food to be frozen, frozen to be frozen, leftover materials for the workers do not eat the meal, the refrigerator should be regularly checked to implement, and so these should be clearly defined.

4, personnel savings.

5, decoration investment savings.

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