Zhejiang city agricultural firms to optimize the financial environment for young entrepreneurs

business needs to have a good business environment, especially in today’s society, now the whole society has also set off a wave of entrepreneurship, at the same time, there are a lot of people began to carry on business.

responded positively to the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" appeal, 2015 Hecheng rural commercial bank credit card as the carrier to youth entrepreneurship, to help young entrepreneurs solve start-up capital bottleneck. According to the actual area of youth entrepreneurship, and combined with the investigation situation, the bank credit card for youth entrepreneurship declaration and payment, tracking services and other aspects of further improvement, especially in rural areas, city, university students of different business groups and agriculture, manufacturing industry, service industry and other three different characteristics of the industry, actively seek group the District, farming, farming classics, science and technology, land, supply and marketing cooperatives (agricultural union) with the support of other government departments, the integration of social resources, strengthen the brand effect, and for aspiring young people to provide venture capital support.

This is a very good business environment to create the


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