Mango Tea Drink allows you to feel the unique advantages of theme drinks

theme restaurant is now one of the new situation of food and beverage, welcomed by the majority of young people. Because of the success of the theme restaurant, there will inevitably be imitators. Good ideas need to be used for reference, so as to play a different pattern. Only one of them.

over the drink in the high streets and back lanes and drink tea, lemon, theme theme theme, drink fresh drink has a lot of brands, and the theme of the brand mango drink shops but only a Mango Tea language, " language; Mango Tea " will occupy a space for one person in the beverage market, has become a leader in the theme of drink! If you can monopolize a taste of mango flavored drinks business is a big fortune! Do exclusive mango drinks business, there will be no competitors, so that you easily operate. Compete with others for the market, as the exclusive business. Mango is a very valuable fruit, is the ace in fruit! Its high quality products, high-quality raw materials! Decided to Mango Tea high industry status, so that customers from the psychological acceptance and affirmation of him!

Mango Tea open, that is the first brand in the industry segments, unique positioning allows you to face, rich! Mango Tea focused on the development of mango drinks series, an unprecedented way of presenting products, exclusive research and development of 45 models of mango mix and match, so that customers taste a taste of thousands of mango!

extreme deep taste experience is the biggest market competitiveness, is the unique weapons competition for market share. Mango tea taste experience on language is not the illustrations in a box of Mango Mango / drinks / Mango colored clothing…… a unified brand image, strong brand recognition! Remember, let the customer to Mango Tea from the visual language gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory!

expert survey, a clear visual impact of the brand can make the turnover increased by 30%, more out of this is your net profit earned!

mango tea drinks national theme only one

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The location of

consultants to provide the choice of business guidance, remote location evaluation, prediction analysis, choose a good guide turnover shop, 5 square meters can be opened. The case teaching, the way of centralized teaching, the complex marketing theory into the actual operation and management of the details, from which to learn the practical mode of operation. Headquarters for the partners to provide a comprehensive business consulting guidance, providing entrepreneurial ideas finishing, entrepreneurial project analysis, entrepreneurship and other aspects of the guidance to avoid errors. Provide one – to – one shop instruction for partners to assist in the development of the store purchase list, the provision of quality suppliers, and the purchasing guidance. The headquarter is responsible for the problems in the operation of the cooperative store, and help the franchisee to solve the problem together and create a greater value

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