What are the advantages of investing in ancient barbecue

what kind of barbecue would you like to open? A barbecue shop can attract people? Or a complete product marketing model? Do not have to contact the ancient ancestors of the barbecue shop can meet you. The yuan was founded in 2009, headquartered in Shanghai, has been the development of stores in the country hundreds of brand barbecue, production and technical training to improve the service system and join the first-class barbecue, become one of the most valuable barbecue franchise brands, one of the most popular consumer favorite delicacy.


element uses an exclusive integrated marketing mode, either planning or brand promotion, occupy the most advantage, team is composed of top domestic marketing personnel, to carry out a full range of barbecue shop franchise brand promotion, only for the cooperation of the franchisee service.

joined the perfect service system, professional senior training team, efficient marketing, let the yuan barbecue shop franchise business more and more prosperous, attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs in the eyes, and by their favor.

yuan ancients join advantage:

1, the strength of the brand: the country more than 100 stores, brand awareness and appeal in the industry far ahead;

2, top marketing: Top promotional planning and professional planning and marketing strong marketing effect;

3, dishes rich: a variety of dishes taste classic road, after years of market certification taste excellent;

4, excellent service: the whole shop guidance, theory and practice all aspects of one to one guidance training.


element with 7 years of sword, loneliness and impetuous, concentrate on the development of barbecue production process, a step slow and steady expansion of catering market, for each franchisee in a serious and responsible attitude, shaping the barbecue franchise brand.

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