Sharing shop benefits

how to set up shop, different operators have different management conditions, people do business range, then rent a large shop, and some limited funds, rental shops area is very limited. In fact, here Xiaobian introduce a new lease shop mode, which is shared shop, and a lot of benefits oh.

a few years ago, I opened a shop in the village of alcohol and tobacco stores. At that time began to do business, not much experience, all aspects of consideration is not very comprehensive. I rented two rooms, opened after the discovery, the space is a bit too large, some places simply do not need. At that time, the rent was not too high, so I didn’t put it in my heart.

but the rent has been going up over the years, and I can’t afford it. But as a result of doing business here for several years, there are a lot of repeat customers, if I re siting, these old customers will not, the loss is conceivable. In desperation, I had to continue to operate, while other ways.

once, my cousin came to my shop. She told me that I was in the end of the Apprenticeship of a printing press, looking for a place to open a typing Photocopying agency, but for a long time did not find the right place, would like to ask me to help her find a way. When she said that, I suddenly remembered that there was still a place in my shop.

are their relatives, I gave her a free rent, not only no business risk, but once I have something to go out, she can help me look at the store. So I told her about it. After consulting the surroundings of my shop, she agreed to my suggestion. Because she just typing photocopying, accounting for a small place, so I just let her out of 1/3 of the rent.

may be because each other, my cousin and I are very good business, really promote each other. In short, from the beginning of sharing to now, my business has not been affected, and some typing Photocopying customers, but also the way to buy cigarettes, buy a bottle of what. Because I am here is the old shop, and many people, but also for her typing Photocopying business played a promotional role. It can be said that after sharing, we make reasonable use of store resources, to achieve a win-win situation.

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