Huainan second youth entrepreneurship contest recently launched

is now the country are actively holding some of the business activities, including a series of business competition has been a part of people’s attention recently, held in Anhui Huainan an open up a fresh outlook entrepreneurship competition activities.

"burning passion of youth, pioneering achievements in the future" as the theme of the second session of the Huainan city youth entrepreneurship contest has officially started, where at the age of 18-40 years old aspiring entrepreneurs or have entrepreneurship in Huai (young college students in the school, students village, youth home business) can apply for entry.

It is reported that

Contest Registration, preliminaries, semi-finals and finals in four stages. Participants can in under the jurisdiction of counties, units of the Communist Youth League unified registration, or self declaration, but to September 6th, the paper version of the "Huainan second youth entrepreneurship Contest Registration Form" and "the second Huainan youth entrepreneurship contest venture table" (available from Huainan youth network ( in the download) eight copies of the report to the Municipal Department of young workers, the electronic version sent to [email protected] Organizing Committee Office Tel: 6656565. The organizing committee will uphold the principles of integrity, radiation, sustainable development, innovation, energy saving and environmental protection, the selection of the first prize 1, the other two prizes, such as the award of the 5 and the "new star", a number of names of three, such as the first prize of the year, the number of the first prize in the competition will be more than 3. First prize 10000 yuan reward, and other awards, such as the award of $6000, the three prize award of $4000, venture Star Award winner award $2000 yuan, two yuan. At the same time, according to the evaluation of the award winning entrepreneurial projects, recommended by the Organizing Committee for the application of venture capital loans and recommend priority settled in the Yangtze River Delta and other provincial youth entrepreneurship demonstration park.

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