2016 small and medium enterprises stationed in Tianjin Development Zone of 30 thousand yuan

Tianjin for attracting investment, attracting entrepreneurial talent stationed in the original experience. Recently, the Tianjin Development Zone will start in 2016 to encourage entrepreneurship program to encourage more entrepreneurs to enter the field of entrepreneurship.

13 learned from the Tianjin Development Zone, Development Zone in 2016 to encourage entrepreneurship program before the official start. 16 years in the development zone of the newly established science and technology SMEs to meet the appropriate conditions will be a one-time project to start funding to support 30 thousand yuan.

Small and medium-sized enterprises in 2016 the newly established internal development zone ",

2016, the development zone will accelerate the gathering of scientific and technological resources. Development Zone this year, plans to introduce more than 10 new research and development institutions, the newly identified 800 small and medium technology enterprises, the addition of 50 small giant technology companies, the national and municipal level of the 40 high-tech enterprises.

a beginning of the new year, all began to introduce the corresponding supporting policy, who want to enter the field of entrepreneurship in emerging entrepreneurs, we must carefully choose the most are stationed in help area.

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