Site optimization 4 access to traffic but also a good drainage method

site traffic is vital for the website optimization, in addition to the base itself to do site optimization, website optimization ranking of pre drainage are of great help, is an excellent way to shorten the time of the website optimization ranking.

The purpose of

drainage is to obtain more traffic. It can not only optimize the website, but also improve the brand construction of the website, so as to achieve the goal of making money eventually.


details are as follows:

1. Baidu series product drainage

The construction of

Department of Baidu products have a friendly additional on the Baidu search engine, the Baidu website ranking web site optimization is very favorable, the largest number of users of Baidu Post Bar, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know more comprehensive, more popular, Baidu experience is more weight, more personal Baidu library, although each has advantages but, if time permits that all do not miss any opportunity, of course, directly click on Baidu products hyperlink about your site visit is very difficult, but still can be drained to the site through the descriptive text in different degree or related soft.

Drainage of

2.QQ system product

QQ is one of the most popular tools for many users, especially the use of work, so the use of QQ to find the target user groups have different advantages, QQ group is the most concentrated target users, QQ mail sending information to potential users, QQ space to display the image with trusted friends often can exchange, QQ break one by one drainage to the site.

3. soft Wen drainage method

There are many benefits of soft

, not only can optimize the website, but also have accurate drainage effect, and can be submitted to each big website platform, the two drainage and improve brand awareness, to better attract the target user, conversion to target users has become a potential user machine high rate, but the soft writing has a certain degree of difficulty specific reference, can "do soft Wen marketing SEO writing method".

4. multiple drainage

is the most common site of images with watermark, keywords, brand words, contact and so can be used as watermark content, generally do not recommend the watermark is too large, the best is not conspicuous, does not affect the appearance of the image itself. In addition, there are resources to download, you can integrate their existing resources, free of charge to download other people, while playing small ads inside. There are video video drainage, drainage effect is very good, because users love watching videos more than look at the text, in the production of simple video released to the video website or on your own website, and during playback the occasional small ads, of course, if it is the scarcity of the video, you can also set the password and then play. Set need to visit the website for playback password, this will have a better drainage effect.

summary: there are tens of thousands of drainage methods, none of them

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