Website optimization needs to be done from the inside out

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website and the website optimization is a commonplace talk of an old scholar problem, but there are still many problems, many of the details will be ignored, which leads to the search engine doesn’t often visit the website, it is slow, but do not know the reason. Here are some details that may be overlooked, and share them with you.

is the first thing that internal optimizations need to avoid:

1, URL address dynamic

dynamic URL will make spider program into a loop, although Baidu officials have claimed to be able to index the normal dynamic address, but in order to prevent the spider program into the dead cycle, the search engine will not further access, from dynamically generated links in the web page will appear not included, included slow. If you lose the advantage and the page is included in the speed, will directly affect the effect of the ranking page.

2, URL is not uniform, and invalid link

is used

if the site in memory: disease database and two URL, proposed unification, because Baidu official suggested a page corresponding to a URL, if more than one URL site can access the same content, have the following risks:

(1) search engine will choose one of the URL standards, and may be different from the core URL;

(2) users for the same web site for different web site recommendation, to disperse the page weight, leading to low page weight, search engine ranking effect is not good.

3, there are a large number of empty pages

a large number of repeated empty pages, search engines will be filtered after the delete, when the page is deleted by the search engine, you can not participate in sorting.

4, for e-commerce sites, commodity page descriptions using picture


spider currently only read the text, the text can not read the picture, so if the product page description using pictures, will cause the page keyword density is low, the search engine will determine the current page without any substantive content, seriously affecting the search engine ranking effect.

5, the title of the page should be relevant and cannot use the same title for all pages.

for external links, need to pay attention to the quality of the chain, the chain is like a vote, vote for you all, you are very good, also, all links are pointing to your site, your site will be Baidu naturally even more value, the corresponding increase in weight, according to the Baidu algorithm, the chain it is best to have a relationship, we can put the chain on the baby to the car forum qinzaiyueyuan, but not to the baby forum version of service area, so, if not removed, can not get good results. Detail decides success or failure. ~

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