What are the contents and main points of the design of the real estate website

in our website construction career, because encountered different customers, for website construction requirements are different. Today, Xiao Bian on the real estate, for example, simply talk about the content of the real estate website and the main points.

generally, all construction sites are around a "product" as the center to spread around to the construction process, including company introduction, news, links, and recruitment, consulting and other auxiliary column. This "product" does not mean only the goods sold by the enterprise, but also the services provided by the enterprise. Most of the real estate websites are mainly display type, that is, membership centers and online ordering columns are rarely used, but a project of "investor relations" has been added. Let’s talk more about it.

one, boot page design,

with the rapid development of electronic commerce, website construction guide page does not meet due to the development of web marketing gradually by enterprises and the establishment of the station is no longer popular, but there are still some enterprises still have complex guide page. Xiao Bian visited many good real estate website, including his company design, found that many real estate websites have removed the guide page, if any, is a simple video or a few can reflect the enterprise’s characteristics of high-end atmosphere images as a guide page, and will not increase too more content. This point can serve as a reference.

two, home page design

real estate website to do simple and elegant and beautifully designed to reflect the high-end air quality enterprises, the common or showcase sites like ZF and the dense column is not suitable for web site. A small home design is to praise a few pictures or carousel is a simple Flash animation as the main page, is arranged at the lower end of the navigation bar, click on the navigation bar to jump directly to the design style of the column. Or like Suzhou jintanglang goldmantis decoration site, three pictures as the design background, put the middle of navigation. However, this design model should pay attention to, the choice of the picture must be better, otherwise it can not achieve effect. Xiaobian have met the customer, the layout design is very good, but because of too much material and picture picture carousel switching settings cause the entire site running speed is very slow, but also results in a complete mess.

three, project display design,

real estate website in the project column is equivalent to our "product display" column, is a relatively important part of the entire web site construction, therefore, its design should also do some features. Below we can compare the ordinary display design (above) and a more distinctive display design (below). Compared with the former, the former is dignified and tidy, but lacks personality, and the latter is more personalized but not clear enough. Both have their own characteristics, and enterprises can choose according to their own characteristics when designing.

four, investor relations,

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