Some ideas about the big drop on the inside page PR

some time ago wrote "on the website of the PR value of the little secret", click on the article after 800, has also been a lot of websites to have left that I did not see a reprint, the decision is you,


, in the last few days, I’ve checked the PR value of the whole station again. The depressing thing has happened. All the pages in PR4’s articles have dropped to 0. The home page has not changed, and sougou has only increased by 2 to 42 in the last big update.

only partially within the page is maintained at pr=2 above, how can there be such a reason? My own analysis, if that’s not good you have to put your valuable advice oh? I this person is willing to learn, oh


NO.1: in the webmaster online published, after a number of websites reprinted, cause GG attention, give me the right to drop. O (a _ U) O


NO.2: I’ve added several outside links to those 4 pages, and that’s why,


NO.3: added the station link to these articles, and generated the page again, but the path has not changed.

NO4: the key words in the article have done the station optimization, link to other pages inside the station. Because recently in learning SEO, add a small amount of related long tail keywords. About long tail keywords, here is the introduction: "what is long tail keywords,"

I stupid, only think so much, then think of it, I will write to share with you, if you read this uncomfortable, rotten tomatoes thrown to it, do the webmaster what haven’t seen

ha, ha ha!

want to do stand friends and I will learn from each other exchanges, exchange their unknown things, I think the webmaster will not refuse to accept the experience of others! Stationmaster is the most capable, I always feel that way, although temporarily did not create wealth, but unremittingly, I think there is always the harvest. Come on,


wanted to talk to me about a friend who added me: "QQ:136276874," says: "from Admin5 Oh, because it feels like home.".

reprint, please leave this statement, thank you for your cooperation.

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