Website derivatives to activate local website marketing campaign

with the growing popularity of the Internet, the website as a media of publicity, more and more businesses, including the government, schools, and various associations, individuals recognized. The fast and low cost of the website is the biggest advantage as a medium of propaganda. While the vast majority of users also tend to query the relevant information to the network, especially the local information, including news, shopping, leasing, friends and so on, it is with the local website (except government portal) provides the necessary reason for existence.

according to this understanding, the government portal website include: personal website (like blog), business website, 114 websites (similar to business yellow pages), information (such as housekeeping, tutoring, rental housing or second-hand housing transactions, etc.), friends (chat rooms). But if a lot of local websites attract more popularity and bring more traffic, they will improve the reputation of the website and achieve the purpose of publicity. This is the problem that every webmaster must consider. Especially the smaller the place, the popularity is not large, the attraction of the site is basically proportional to it. I try to experience in the past two years to communicate with each other, please criticize the wrong place.

, for example, is one of the most successful websites I’ve ever done: Chongqing Wulong animation training network. From the site of the title, people knew this website is to establish an animation training institutions in Wulong. From the title of the site and set the key word, we all know that as a local website, Baidu and Google in addition to their own (such as Baidu encyclopedia, know, etc.) the government portal sites of interest, other sites seem too friendly. But my website has been officially collected from Baidu and Google, and has basically maintained an independent IP traffic of 2000 every day. This makes as only 400 thousand people, and is a state-level poverty-stricken counties, Internet users only in the county accounted for the vast majority of small counties, Wulong, this is definitely a great harvest. This website with the Wulong Maple skills training school has brought great benefits to the students, through our investigation, the school’s reputation is mostly come from the website publicity.

here, I might as well tell you, the successful experience of this station, summed up in one sentence is: website derivatives activation marketing campaign. That is to say, I have set up a column that matches the reputation of "Wulong" specially in this website, that is "travel" plate. Wulong is the world’s natural heritage reserve, rich in tourism resources. Therefore, my website uses the local superiority resources to play "tourist card", which is referred to as "website derivative"". In this column, I put all the media coverage of the Wulong news, focusing on the relevant information about tourism. Followed by waiting for search spiders to climb, so far, this site on the "Wulong" as the keyword page has been Baidu collection of more than 2000.

I have to say now, the necessity of using this method, whether it’s local or provincial, wants to know somewhere, he always searches for somewhere in the area

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