Teach you how to do pseudo originality

original content is an important aspect of the web site, original content more website the weight will be relatively high, some people feel that the original is difficult to do, it is relatively original false original is well done.

what is pseudo original? The so-called pseudo original is an article for reprocessing, so that the search engine that is an original article, so as to improve the weight of the website.

following several methods can make pseudo original content.


;       modify title

1. word substitution: use words with similar meanings instead of words in the original title.

2. text sorting: you can make your title look different by disrupting the order.

3. digital replacement method: for example, Sina education of an article, the title is: "to prepare for the senior high school entrance examination composition: five tips to make your article" light up ", when modify the title, you can change:" preparing for the senior high school entrance examination composition: three strategies to make your article "light up" instead. The article is in the most humble or two most don’t like you see can be deleted.

two, content modification

Insert a link

1. in this paper: This is the ghost, but you can use the proper, specific role is collecting you in others, can be collected, equivalent to an increase of the chain: your collection of me, I will take advantage of you, very fair.

The first section of

2. self creation method: to write the first paragraph, as important as the introduction, if you have the energy to read, summarize, on the home page, if you don’t have time to watch, it is very simple: own, and be sure to bring your keywords.

3. tail with a sentence: a summary of the whole article

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