Two years of webmaster career perception a point of cultivation a harvest

              do a web site is very simple, but when a webmaster is very difficult, especially when a fierce webmaster, difficult! This is my past two years to experience the webmaster’s career insights, but also let me know a truth, and that is a famous saying: "a bit of cultivation, a harvest.". In fact, this sentence is wrong, a hard, can only be said to be an accumulation of two copies of two copies of work, accumulated N pains, only N accumulation amount accumulated to a certain extent will have a qualitative change, this time also does not have the harvest, there may be a qualitative deterioration, tired people the National People’s Congress, give up halfway there, stick to the end, is dying, the success also numbered! Many webmaster friends only exist for interest, hard work, keep their own web site, just like his son, like any hungry, hurt is not allowed.