Websites enjoy high ups and have consequences


earthquake in Sichuan resonated with all of us and mourned the suffering of the people of Sichuan.

The three days of mourning

, many sites have made the appropriate move, for example, to the site with ash, some even closed the station for three days, with a webmaster own way to express the sympathy and condolences to the victims of Sichuan. My website did not close for a few days, and it was the events of those days that led to the present results.

didn’t mean to do a keyword "mourning QQ head" "blessing QQ head", just two words, let [QQ take it] the site traffic soared, before the web traffic is basically 1000IP, about 2000pv, but at the end of the day we mourned the words but bring me tens of thousands of IP, as a novice webmaster really makes me happy for a. (even during the period of mourning, but still I hope you can understand my little ipsation)


second days were counted, one saw the numbers I was really shocked, that is really a terrorist figures for me! Quickly went to Henan station inside the group asked about you buddy, he told me that the fish, because I was the key word to guide this is normal in this case, but behind the vanity is a huge crisis: Baidu K page, what is more is K. With big brother’s words, I want to do is as soon as possible to the several pages removed, but in the face of the huge IP and flow, this short peak I was dazzled, and his heart was really not willing to just put a few bring my pride page deleted.

the so-called "do not listen to the elderly," in front of the loss. Just in stationmaster net inside see someone says to be 30 before and after, Baidu once again arranged greatly. In this way, my small station is also so, to the spearhead, from Baidu included thousands fell to the present more than 140, looking at this small number, in the heart is really very painful. Although the site visits did not reduce with what, but let me worry! The two day online and asked around and made a conclusion that the situation is temporary, may be Baidu’s study period, as long as the updated content, there are some other methods (here I don’t repeat the words), then the senior site will slowly better.

really sad, and do not know whether it was right or wrong to do so. Now, [QQ, basically updated snapshot is the day before, and I hope Baidu can quickly give up such a black box, innocent victims here heartache.

said in my own words: "[B] has enjoyed the climax and has the consequences of [/B].".

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