WeChat’s operating data is deceptive Quickly grabbed the liar

yesterday, a friend asked me: "the elder brother, the company wants to find some WeChat V to help forward the article publicity, but we are afraid met fans is a fake account, white wasting money, do you? What are the good way to judge the fans is true or false?"

I replied, "it’s hard to say, unless I’ve seen his background data."." Yes, except for data analysis, there is really no good way.

although someone has written an article online to teach people how to distinguish between true and false fans, I think it is not enough to judge by reading quantity, source of growth and user attributes.

industries, low VS, Internet mania,

when micro-blog, WeChat and other new media tools appear, a group of smart people seize the opportunity and enjoy the fans’ economic dividends. They were already on the beach when people were trying to drum up fan economies. Advocate the team increasingly large, people are expected to benefit from the people with shouting slogans, like every parade there are a number of unknown but enthusiastic people, they not only follow the call, also shouted very hard.

bluntly, many small and medium entrepreneurs are the ones who follow the slogan. Since 2013, the economy has fallen markedly, and many entrepreneurs are having a hard time crossing it. In 2015, my friend in accounting firm was in hot business. Why? Because there were a lot of companies applying for bankruptcy. Small and medium-sized enterprises are thinking about their way out, planning transformation. On the other hand, the decline of traditional industries, and the fanaticism of the internet. Internet plus a slogan, let everyone feel that they need the Internet to the net and the most important is to do what? Of course is the most popular WeChat marketing.

data is deceptive – the pain on behalf of the operation

when you have a strong demand to do WeChat marketing, you will always be too hasty, because you see the times change quickly, you see competitors have been leading…… You have to "corner overtaking"! It’s hard to form a team. It’s imperative to find a professional operation company.

in the Internet age, the information tends to be transparent, you know how to find more than a few Internet Co for comparison, so that they are all programs, quotations, merit based admission. Finally there is a super cheap price, special service, commitment to effect company into your eyes, you and the signing of


really, if the company promised that, WeChat has been built, sent out after reading the Chengcheng to jump up, a large number of fans every day came, the effect is very obvious. The bosses are smiling.

however, data is deceptive. If you know this, do you still laugh,


data is deceptive – the pain of big V advertising

"one brother, why did I advertise on the big V? The effect is not obvious."

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