The key to network marketing is powerful execution

a large number of enterprises are beginning to try the network above to start marketing their products. Do website, do search engine promotion, put in network advertisement, do blog sale, virus sale, do mail sale…… These methods have many enterprises doing, in which a small number of enterprises have tasted the sweetness, but more enterprises do not feel how much help network marketing, why


1, lack of continuous execution of

website made out, search engine promotion has done, but the content of the site is unchanged, a few times a year to send a few news, the product has not been updated, the site is out of line with the actual marketing of the enterprise. Often because of personnel changes in enterprises, network marketing strategy is difficult to be sustained implementation, naturally there is no effect.

2, lack of overall coordination,

network marketing is a systems engineering, but many enterprises have to split it apart, search engine optimization, website construction, website promotion is divided by different service providers for each service, taking different strategies, different focus, leading to the direction is too scattered, lack of overall coordination, it is difficult to play a role.

3, lack of attention to results,

many companies do online marketing, but did not pay attention to customer conversion. Search engines do, how many customers? Website well, the customer is satisfied or not satisfied? Email marketing, the customer is regarded as spam? Not about the result, it cannot improve the network marketing strategy, to improve the satisfaction degree of Westfold customers think, network marketing enterprises the good or bad, directly with the enterprise network marketing executive team have a great relationship! Network marketing requires not only a good marketing strategy and specific implementation plan, also depends on the enterprise network marketing consciousness and the project executive degree.

enterprise network marketing strategy should be referred to the status of network marketing can not only reduce the operating costs of enterprises, can effectively promote the sales of enterprises, and the construction for enterprise network brand has very effect, can help the enterprise brand awareness into the low cost and high efficiency. Marketing Marketing Marketing Plan of enterprise network must have strong interoperability, in order to ensure the implementation of network marketing, network marketing for no executable program, is a waste of resources of the enterprise (the waste of human resources, the use of funds, because the waste) to produce any effect on the enterprise will not.

enterprise good network marketing scheme, does not mean that network marketing easy to implement, because it depends on the network marketing team consciousness and the implementation of network marketing. Sheng Jie Bao on the enterprise network marketing tracking study found that a large part of large-scale enterprise network marketing and network marketing can not achieve the desired effect, they is not the lack of good network marketing solutions and ideas, but the executive level of large enterprise network marketing team is not high, there are some outsourcing to network marketing service providers. But this kind of service provider with a good idea, but can not be carried out effectively. >

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