My view on the definition of potential users in website Market

note: I am a novice, veteran, please do not XX me.

The definition of potential users in the

web site:

now, a lot of grassroots brothers like me are rushing around for the development of their websites. In the end, success is only a small part.

Why does

do this? I think it’s likely to be related to the initial location of your website.

the development of a website is successful or not. The orientation is very important. Do not blindly do what station you want to do.

I analyze the development orientation of a website, mainly looking at 3 factors:

1. market positioning


makes a website, the first thing to consider is the market share of the site. If the market has reached saturation, how hard you are doing is wasted. Even if you can make a difference, take the two bucks and try to get a dollar’s worth of success. Maybe a higher price.

, a grassroots has so much to pay, would you like to change it,


take my website now:, for example:

now, the star hotel in China has basically Ctrip, they eat eighty percent (refers to the Internet active Hotel), the remaining are also a number of small and medium-sized sites divided up. If you insist on doing it in this industry, you don’t have much money or technology, and what do you do about it?. Although the star hotel market has been monopolized by them, there are so many small and medium-sized hotels in china. Such as: Econo Hotel chain, personal hotel style apartment, etc., or not by any large websites monopoly. Even if they are monopolized, but these websites basically also make the reservation this piece, imagine: since is all small and medium-sized or individual’s Hotel, then how many shops will be willing to these scheduled to join the entrance fee?. If we don’t make a reservation, we don’t charge them. Will these hotel owners accept it? So, we live in the hotel network, which is born under such conditions: we don’t make reservations, and they promote their hotels free of charge. So our market competitiveness is not smaller,


so market positioning is very important.

2. self localization

has a saying: "what kind of person does what kind of thing?".

is telling us that when you do a website project, you should first consider your own factors. Even if you have good projects, you don’t have enough technology or money. It’s only half a pot of water. Don’t say or do people with financing. No one will finance you when you don’t have any achievements, and that’s the way it is. When Ma Huateng is not on their own top to a certain time only to support? What station have to consider their own factors: I can do it? If you do down I have this money and technology to maintain



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