People in the network Adsense do not make money when the game

webmaster this word, a lot of people envy him, that is because we don’t understand him, and so on that day you become webmaster, become others envy object, you just know, the webmaster is not good when.

everybody is discussing a thing, how do good stationmaster, stationmaster do very tired, how to do?. A lot of people do stand, the purpose is very simple, in order to make money, then it is because of this starting point, you came to the circle of the webmaster. Since it is to make money, do not play with him, because the game lost can play, station failure, failure, failure is your time and effort and money today to share with you, do you need to have a profit, what


1, result oriented planning,

what is the result oriented planning, if you read some of the articles I, will notice that I love to speak with the data, for example, to a profit of 10 yuan every day, I will analyze, what to do, what you can do, what to do, do not do, there is no other way to to solve, do, then do it, have faster and better ways to replace him.

if 1000IP/ days, what work needs to be done? Don’t say but promotion, which is to promote it, or to the QQ forum like the hair, like the hair, or by way of SEO slowly make up the root you need to stand the situation, but also for what I have for you the analysis of the cause of the station. Do not be prompted by a sudden impulse, want to do what to do, this is a taboo.

2, learning ability enhancement

many webmaster is on the go, there are team operations, no matter what kind of way to do, learning is a required course, because the network is changing fast. It is noted that when filing is difficult, you find that many people provide filing services. How do those people learn how to learn?. Some people have become masters in just a few months. How did they become or learn?. Nobody is forcing you to go to school, only with the help of some resources, willing to learn, I know a Singapore webmaster, his learning ability makes me ashamed. Every day we go to the United States and Europe for 2 hours to learn. There is only one reason. The Internet technology in the United States and Europe is much better than that in the country.

3, the improvement of thinking ability

no stupid webmaster, only the webmaster who can’t think. Say someone is stupid, he may be "brick you", but people’s thinking is really different, otherwise, everyone is the general manager. A person’s way of thinking increases slowly with age and the amount of things that come in contact. How many kinds of thinking style do you need to master? 1> agile 2> divergent 3> combine actual 4> profit orientation. If you do not have these four ways, then you should really go to the webmaster profession and learn, and they are relatively mature in this regard.


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