The pain point why the art of business failures


I network operators in the world as long as you log any one I mentioned above and several other large works of art or art derivatives selling website, will find that the transaction at all, no one should take directly or may auction is at the lowest starting price of the transaction. Art electricity supplier "pain points" where, why was




keyword: "do not love"

literally opens one of the 3 websites above. Do you think you can be moved as an audience? Are there any things that you don’t want to impress? The following are the following:

1. viewers don’t love these works of art,

1) fewer works of art. HIHEY’s publicly available data are more than 10 thousand signed artists". Whether the data is really important or not, even if each artist works on the 10 line, the size of the 100 thousand pairs. 2) the artwork is too personal. If we bring 100 million users, he may not find his favorite works in these 100 thousand works but also can afford them.

2. developers don’t love their products,

I’m an entrepreneur and I’m making my own product. Because the investment is limited, in order to save costs, so we have to find some software outsourcing team to develop products for the author. But it turns out that no matter how much you love your children, you are demoted by those who don’t love their work. A good team and continuous food supply is the core of product development. However, I dare say, whether it is or what she Artron does not have a team started, because no product really touched me. However, some of the works of small partners, but a bit of meticulous and attentive, can be a point of praise.

keyword two: "no",

because of historical reasons, Chinese traditional culture has a fault phenomenon, so the traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy on the tall and big can not be moved, understood and resonated in the modern world. For art operators and potential consumers of art, there are questions like this:

1. offline activities art operators despise publicity art body

observed many paintings, and did not know whether they noticed it or not, and the art operators focused their attention on the propaganda of the artists. Each exhibition will publicize how the artist himself, his artistic attainments, his works, his platform, or his endorsements, but he forgot to popularize the original knowledge of art. The publicity of art is to make critics’ professional comments become castles in the air, so that the general public can not have a deep understanding of art.

2. art associations, educational institutions and art scholars "will not" communicate with the masses for various reasons,

What is the true art of

? What is beautiful, what is ugly, and particularly confused in the present ideology?. >

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