Work with Jiang Likun to explore how to shape personal brands

regardless of the reality of society, or virtual network, all need personal brand, brand is intangible value, it will bring you unexpected results. For grassroots webmaster, every day with the virtual network to deal with, but also need to create a good personal image, in order to get other people’s recognition, but also easier to succeed.


A5 forum was organized in October 15th on "how to build a personal brand image" topic version, invited jianglikun as the guests, to explore the personal branding problem. This paper summarizes the key content exceeded, we hope to have some help to the website promotion.

asks: "excuse me, old Jiang, what is the main element that builds individual brand?"

answer: that depends on what field you want and how you build your brand. But in general, people are the first element. Try to influence others as much as possible. If you can’t influence others and let others influence you, there is no way to talk about the brand. At best is a face cooked.

: as a novice webmaster, how can you make it easier for others to identify with you at the beginning?

answer: just want to become famous, a bit too impetuous, a lot of things are need a precipitation process. This is like building a building, the ground is more solid, the higher it will be, the building will be solid. Otherwise, if you build a 35 floor, you may fall down.

: how can you better train your business philosophy?

answer: learn more, practice more, and communicate more with others. And then, after studying, practicing and communicating, we can come up with time to sum up and think about it every night. In addition to these, plan and target should also be set. At each stage, you know exactly what you are going to achieve and what you lack. How do you make up for it?.

asked: Jiang boss, I would like to ask the next shape online personal brand have to use the real name? I like this ID:tysge and the wide in the webmaster ID:gjj, are not the real name, have influence on the shaping of a personal brand image of


answer: how to say, for example, I do not understand english. If I want to remember a person’s English name, then I may need to see at least one hundred times before I can remember. But if I remember his Chinese name, I’ll remember it at least ten times. The first step in building a brand is to make someone remember you and impress you. Without real names, especially with this English name, it adds to the cost.

: how do you deal with negative news when promoting personal branding?

answer: negative news is a good thing, proved to have been concerned about, has already had an impact on people, or else spend money to invite people, nor necessarily negative you whole. Moreover, an old saying goes, "good things do not go out, bad news travels a thousand miles.". The more negative things are, the more likely they are to be transmitted. So negative news is a good thing. How to deal with the situation, but pay attention >

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