The greatest opportunity for a small event is not to be a station master

Hello, I’m Beijing Midea air conditioning maintenance. For a recent SEO the most hot topic is the rain forum, this topic even cover the other two focus over the same day broke out: first, Google PR big update; two, Baidu big update, the webmaster is feeling the vane are constantly changing, constantly affected by others that is irrational, or drift others do word-of-mouth marketing media. An article in front of me also talked about our webmaster do not talk too much of these seemingly very things, irresoluteness rather than retreat webs, a wood don’t help others also said happily fan the flames of the right to choose their own. Through the rain SEO this incident I thought a lot, because of personal feeling small events also have great opportunities, our webmaster can not drift, do a webmaster in disorderly fashion. ".

1, wolf rain SEO event what opportunities


SEO the rain fire is justified, life is so strange, one month before the rain may still obscure individual owners, but now has become a generation of "ashes". The rain is SEO fire demand, that his deeds let the webmaster have each of conversation in communication between, let everybody can give vent when promote feelings, or gain.

a lot of people have a lively event this event as I think we should sit on the sidelines, to seize this opportunity, I believe that even small events will have a big opportunity. Then the wolf rain SEO event and what are the opportunities?

A, perhaps the rain is really a

experts!I don’t know much about

for rain, did not go to classes listen to his class, I don’t know if he really is a complete combat experts. But from his example, his SEO technique is still very strong, and no matter how we look at his operations, at least his approach works. This opportunity is that you really reported class, you can learn from him the most authentic actual combat experience, these experiences in the process of doing the station in the future to create their own 10 times or even a hundred times the value.

, B, hot spots are a way of marketing!

no matter how we look at a hot event, it will be an event, someone will take this event to say, whether you support or criticism, we want to do is to make full use of the time to seek benefits for themselves. For example, our webmaster will write soft Wen, you can write more than a few soft Wen, for their website to earn a few more than the chain, if someone needs soft text service, you can also through such soft text for their own money making plan.

C, domain name registrar’s spring!


do not know if you have no one before this incident outbreak is very sensitive to some related domain name registration, like some time ago, "I bribe" similar domain name, domain name associated with a lot of rain may.

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