Write after the website has been bought persistence and gain and loss

world restaurant was founded in April 10, 2006, the company was formally established in September 26, 2006, registered capital of 1 million yuan, real investment 2 million 500 thousand yuan, is headquartered in Guangzhou.

June 1, 2008, the largest Chinese dining reservation site Fantong bought the Guangzhou World Restaurant, World Restaurant network become Fantong Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou Railway Station become Fantong following the third Beijing, Tianjin after the direct city site Fantong finally camped in the South camp.

world restaurant staff were all received Fantong’s restaurant, the original shareholders completely withdraw from the world. The actual cost of World Restaurant reached 1 million 500 thousand before the acquisition, which laid the foundation for the development of investment Fantong in Guangzhou.

July 12, 2008, World Restaurant network domain name jump to Fantong Guangzhou Railway Station.

world restaurant from the creation to sell just two years time.

two years, World Restaurant organization several changes, personnel adjustments, apart from my own initial team have left.

why did I choose the


I’ve been having a lot of fun with food and drink. 04 years ago, when I was a graduate student at Beijing University, I started a fast food restaurant. Later, we worked on a project of a restaurant map after a project team. Choose the restaurant, south of Guangzhou, is actually very simple, in the summer of 06 his business failed, just getting ready for work, brother Wu Ruming said there was a pioneering project, I hope to participate in. Wu senior I believe, the entrepreneurial impulse has always been, the project is also their original thought, so to Guangzhou to see, while the basic decision.

Why I have not left

during the

world restaurant?

, some people have asked me about this question, so I’ve thought about it too. To tell the truth, I really wavered, considered do find a foreign work, a stable income, but also peer invitation, but I think this industry is still promising, on the other hand, their own space and chance to exercise more and more big, so never leave.

business two years of gain and loss

entrepreneurial experience, as long as the effort, regardless of success or failure, is a valuable harvest.

world restaurant to eventually own 20 thousand members, 147 contracted merchants, 1500 monthly orders sold Fantong, it can be said that the world restaurant this venture was not successful.

world restaurant is not successful, there are several reasons:

1, the founder of two companies at the same time, the energy to take care of, but did not find the agent to play; (diversification strategy failure, diversification is based on sufficient profit support)

2, blindly opening 6 cities at the beginning, wasting the resources and disrupting the allocation of human resources; (1)

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