Reliable entrepreneurial road was blocked by large websites where the whereabouts of small and medi

yesterday, there was an article on A5: "the decline of the Webmaster: the business law is responsible for the decline in success from rags to riches.". Mentioned in the article, "domestic webmaster" (start the website of entrepreneurs) survival and development problems, basically shrouded in a layer of sad feelings. Compared to the first two years of wind and water, from the beginning of 09 years, the days of the stationmaster is really more and more difficult. It’s easy to make a website, but the difficulty of running a web site is 100 times that of a web site. Starting a web site is actually no different from starting a business in real life. You need less connections, money, teams, almost none. In the early days of the Internet, like a barren land, this is not too much of a problem. After all, there are too many gaps to allow you to insert a flag ring. But today, you can hardly find a giant dabbled in the field, and how giant confrontation, in my opinion, this is not bare-handed people can."

In the early days of the Internet,

did, like the early Chinese economy, enjoyed an economic boom and a high rate of stock market investment. Starve to death; starve to death. Personal webmaster as long as a little bit of mind, and even hit a "touch ball", there are likely to get rich. The loose and free environment of entrepreneurship also generates some innovative forces. Maybe you have nothing, only enthusiasm and ideas, but you can still succeed from scratch. And now, with the continuous development of the Internet, mature, entrepreneurial environment with the changes in the Internet economy has undergone tremendous changes. Not only the personal website, the original format is not suited to changes in the development and exposure of the problems brought about by changes in policy, but also the development of China’s large Internet companies mature monopoly and stifle innovation. Indeed, the vitality of the Internet stems from the success of new entrants, but the success rate is indeed declining. Easy to do stand, difficult to operate in front of the problem, and copyright and monopoly is also strangling the germination of small and medium-sized Web site innovation, and now the Internet is no longer personal webmaster unlimited era.

also mentioned in the article more reliable network of entrepreneurship, there are two, one is to follow a hot concept, and then in this concept, do a little market segments. Being a market segment is a long-term business that requires enough stamina to run a long way. The other is to create a new concept and make it a hot spot. For the latter, in the face of the lack of China overall Internet innovation, in the entrepreneurial environment deteriorating today, the individual owners and entrepreneurs have been very difficult, even large companies Tencent so the strength of capital and technology have chosen to copy this road, not to mention the grassroots. As for the former, this follow the hot road to do segmentation is also being sealed by monopoly forces. Yesterday, "Baidu experience" on the knowledge community on-line, causing heated discussions in the industry, many points of view that Baidu experience will bring small and medium-sized experience of a huge impact on the site, in the future it will be difficult. In gaoliangjiu: dying on Baidu Abang something burning paper on-line experience in this article, the author has expounded how powerful "experience famous site will die" in the experience of Baidu. Baidu

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