The nternet thinking breakthrough how to cut 50 million small and micro enterprise user market

review: Silicon Valley venture Fred Wilson once said: "the software industry is eating everything."". But the times have changed so fast that the software industry has quickly been swallowed up by the Internet – the Big Mac of the software age – Microsoft, too, has had to switch to the internet.

July 2012, Microsoft to $1 billion 200 million to complete the enterprise social networking service the acquisition of Yammer, marked a watershed – the Internet is to change the traditional enterprise software services industry, either All or in, out.


Chang InfoQuick originated in the enterprise software services company Chinese largest UF, UF group was founded in 19882001 years the company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange listed A shares. For a traditional software companies, the transformation of the Internet is an urgent problem to be solved, which is smooth InfoQuick UF breakthrough practice.

Chang InfoQuick vice president Mo Jun Qi is currently in charge of Chang InfoQuick cloud division, before joining InfoQuick, Mo Junqi start the BlackBerry service, served as director and director of product marketing at Qihoo 360, has a wealth of business services and Internet experience.

strategy: UF Internet thinking, break through

Chang InfoQuick at the Internet subversion

"traditional enterprises suffer from a disease called" Internet anxiety disorder ". The Internet does not seem to be an industry. It has impacted many industries and has destroyed a lot of value before it creates value. Therefore, there is a very successful people are thinking about how I am not subversion of the Internet, how do I use the Internet, which is called Internet anxiety. But the Internet must be "light". To succeed, we must first from the palace. Since the house of my own feeling is lighter, big strides." Qihoo 360 CEO Zhou Hongyi describes the traditional enterprises on the impact of the Internet and the need for anxiety, change the traditional enterprise completely.

as for the traditional enterprise how to break, Zhou Hongyi think there are two points: 1., user first; 2. free

, "today’s most valuable Internet companies are those who have many users, not just registered accounts with their users, but most importantly, users often use them and use them every day."."

Mo Junqi said that Chang InfoQuick UF is the Internet thinking, user oriented thinking, and provide free services, the formation of scale.

Chang InfoQuick only focus on small and micro enterprises and cloud service management software, only to provide standardized services, with the gadget first take a single point of breakthrough, the formation of user experience, the formation of reputation, and then form the platform effect. Chang InfoQuick cloud team from the management to the grass-roots staff, basically is from 360, Gao De, millet, Baidu and other Internet Co. The whole push is very Internet enabled.

(Mo Junqi)


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