BBS promotion to identify your audience target

in A5 also imperceptibly, diving for a long time, but has never written an article, there are two reasons, first, I was a rookie, not what to write the article, what is not good for sharing technology. Two, writing is too bad, want to get a soft, what will not. Why do you want to write this article today? And the new station is mainly to the friends to share a little bit of experience to promote their own website. Please take as little as possible to master two bricks, when is to encourage a brother.

often see a lot of friends in stationmaster net write soft or share experiences, one of which is the same rule finally do not forget to add your own website address in his article, the aim of the course is to let more people know their own website, can also bring some IP from what the. This is sure to have some effect. But you can say, in addition to a number of useful sites for website construction, other sites simply can not bring much practical results. Why,


imagine, we do stand to make money, of course is our target audience? Whether you are industry station or other station, only let more of our website audiences know our website, in order to make the development of our website better. In stationmaster net friends, 90% of all have their own websites? We all want to promote their own websites, even if you let everyone see your web site, what? Nothing more than a IP, your ad will not be much more click? Everyone is do stand, who will go to the point of advertising? So, we want to let our audience know our website is the most important.

I in many forums to promote their own web site, just want more than the chain, we can not see. Also from many forums to get a lot of IP, but it is useless, advertising revenue or product sales will not increase. All the clicks are just curious to have a look. Recently registered a member in a website forum, this is useful promotion. I do weight loss related web site, want to promote, sure to find women related BBS, have better benefit, this is believed that we all know. This is my last post in a net to send airline stewardess: we can see this post today, just one week, click on more than more than 7000, 2 hours post click is over 4000, and give my site to bring IP to over 200, advertising click is greatly increased. Why? In addition to the content of this paste is really funny, more people want to know what kind of character is the webmaster, in the forum to stay QQ, second days also suddenly came a lot of friends information. Secondly, airline stewardess nets, domestic well-known women’s forum, in the life you want to airline stewardess, and airline stewardess figure did not have to say it, but to keep fit is not long and slender, thin related? So this station.

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