Details of website construction determine success or failure

is no exaggeration to say that sky has never thought of any high-end technology in the field of website construction. Today, in the homogenization of technology and model, no one can say his website construction technology or mode is the most advanced. However, all things can be divided into high, advantages and disadvantages, looking for that unique competitive era has gone on rhetoric, slander each other, cheating, plagiarism, imitation and substitution approach is also unable to obtain customers even employee respect; all have to return to the down-to-earth work, the details determine success or failure, when you do every detail some of the more outstanding, then add up the competitive gap is very big, behind any accidental is inevitable, with a number of days is the network marketing success stories to prove this point…

PS. in the day of the imitation of some peers also malicious slander day degree, of course we are very sympathetic to their situation, but I think they should concentrate on customer service, the network market is large, the industry is still in the initial state, if the basic play do not have to worry about no meal. The sky is never rely on slander and abusive customers to win the market, that will not really win the respect. And to really evaluate the degree of day, then the degree of customer is the most powerful voice.

days of website platform every day can bring many customers, such as this week’s Monday the 1 day we signed 5 "website construction contract", of which 4 are the days of the web platform initiative to contact us. Day degree network marketing platform for the company to create huge benefits at the same time, but also through actual results to customers to prove the degree of day, in the field of network marketing continued research is fruitful.

day prices have been slightly higher than the counterparts, because we believe that the "value" quality, we must adhere to the implementation of market research and planning, every detail, to every process, to create real value for customers, and all this must pay the labor costs and costs a lot of time. However, it is worth for the customer. Because no matter how low the price is, if you build a web site that doesn’t achieve the desired results or marketing goals, it’s throwing money into the water.

As far as DIV+CSS’s architecture model is concerned, many of

‘s colleagues are unhappy with the idea that heaven is strongly advocating DIV+CSS. Yes, DIV+CSS is not really what strange things, even many beginners will, but you really understand it? You are in strict accordance with the W3C standard to check every page? If you really use the advantage of it? Do you use DIV to structured web site? If you use the right a good XHTML tag? If the answer is no, then you might as well use Table to frame, these are the details, perhaps you never concerned about the details of


, in fact, analysis of the degree of customer base can be found, the degree of the main customers are divided into 2 parts: part of the quality of attention to well-known brands and enterprises;

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