Grassroots evolution four what do you need What do you have

as a grassroots entrepreneurs, although we in the strength of some thin, but in the process of products, always relates to product positioning and resource requirements and other aspects of the problem, therefore, we have to face these two questions: what do we need? What do we have? These two questions seem simple, actually the two a problem throughout the US and product and operation of products, the next cool roots and you talk about on the need and have these two problems.

who are you: what do you have,


although we all have the same title — grassroots, but in reality we played their respective roles, such as student, software development engineer, or game fancier, therefore, our respective different areas of the circle is different. Cool grass that we have the resources can be divided into the following aspects: the first is our professional knowledge, professional knowledge depends largely on the things we touch, as our university major is engaged in work after graduation. The second is our circle of human relations resources, each person in different circles, in China, strong enough interpersonal resources, can make you less effective. Third, there is no need for too many explanations for the money we have on hand.

simply speaking, who you are determines what you have, and what you have is the most direct resource you have in the process of making it. A classic example is that every year there are a variety of stationmaster Congress held in all parts of the country, in addition to the convening of the general assembly to facilitate webmasters to analyze and communicate the development trend of the Internet, can let the webmaster make more peer or partnership, to strengthen cooperation between the long standing and resource sharing. Of course, to attend a webmaster assembly, just round-trip fare is not a small number, so to participate in the webmaster assembly webmaster, most of the Internet has been a firm foothold in the grassroots. Doesn’t that make me wait for the grass in an embarrassing situation,


said the webmaster general assembly, a more realistic problem is, many grassroots entrepreneurs do not want to go to the webmaster general assembly, in addition to expensive, and for general feeling confused, in also cannot let us get what. Even if we we tried with all his might reluctantly went to a webmaster general assembly, finally found to the venue after basically is to listen to the heavyweights in the exposition of various trends of sincere words and earnest wishes of reason, then it is all between Daniel grassroots communication and resource exchange, and we almost ignored small grassroots. Well, reality is cruel, and we have only ourselves strong.

may have children’s shoes will say: "grassroots brother", you are talking about the great truth of unconstrained thinking. Well, grassroots brother for everyone to point to ground gas. A very common phenomenon is that the vast majority of grassroots entrepreneurs in the Internet industry has just entered the beginning, all with a cavity blood and energy to do the product, there are few people for their own resources to analyze the project feasibility and sustainability, do.

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