Baidu set traps owners have sacked

Baidu set a trap, the owners have sacked, defeated after the float up to a small number, but also the following details about my experience.

a lot of websites in the Baidu of this adjustment is, we all know that Baidu in June this adjustment is very objective, that is to say it should obviously all of the web site optimization to find out, but it also has its methods, its first step is to execute before June rankings comparison fast link station, and add more stations, especially enterprise station. Carried out a large clean-up, the right to drop the right to drop, the K’s K. But it doesn’t take you down. (that’s a guess, if your station is really a garbage dump, it’s over.).

6-12 to 7-2 today, Baidu middle also has a small adjustment, but that is all in Baidu give you an illusion, a lot of people to modify the traces of this Baidu look in the eyes, if you go to modify, this is really a Baidu. Of course, I also have keywords results: ultrasonic cleaning machine, 6-12 ranking still have but is down right after I was modified to remove the optimization of the more obvious signs of place, until 7-2, the website home page is continuously two times K. The original collection is more than 1000 pages, now Gan left a home page, the period has been updated, but Baidu has ignored.

of course I have a station optimization technique and ultrasonic cleaning machine almost same, but the difference is after Baidu began to adjust I never had, today Baidu to resume its natural ranking first (I will not send the website, or by a clear two Chu lower right, Baidu watch interested friends can PM), lasted nearly a month, Baidu does not know the adjustment has not ended, this is my personal opinion, if have the same PM please give me a flower, I also don’t think nonsense — very expensive oh egg.

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