Do Webmaster passion behind need to adhere to

I have a friend, recently in the forum, early confidence is high, but after more than a month later, the forum is still not much popularity, the flow is also very good every day, and now to the stage of giving up. In fact, I have met many such owners, especially the novice students, I have a few students, they are beginning to do the webmaster, everyone is with a view to make a fortune dream do stand, everyone passion at the beginning, the money seems to be in sight, but every day needs a large number of updated every day, need to find some links, write some original articles, after a very short period of time, the website does not improve, everyone seems to have no future, I feel in front of a dark, his passion is gone, the website slowly and the stagnation stage, almost a miscarriage.

most of the webmaster in China is too eager for quick success and instant benefit, think that will make big pot of gold, many grassroots webmaster failure in here, did not insist, and then out of the ranks of the webmaster. I also feel that only passion is not enough, but also to have a persistent faith, to have a keen eye and a strong market insight, so as to achieve their dream of the webmaster. To understand the Internet information every day, understand the search engine changes, and the understanding of the focus of this era, every day to collect and update information is every webmaster will do, the station occupied most of the time, the rest of the time in this circle of exchange, the exchange of ideas, understand the dynamic, so webmaster is busy, to endure lonely.

insist that China Internet is the most potential, as long as the webmaster will stick to be harvested, today you may also earn what money, but because you insist, maybe tomorrow you will find opportunities to do a long standing, insist, insist on learning, only with your insistence and the original vision, you can capture the Internet industry, I am now doing business, I dare not predict I can have much success, but I will stick to my thinking, to insist on my dream and do stand, for my reward station for yourself, to earn money much more the opportunity is low-key, stick to the station, I believe that every webmaster will have their own harvest.

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