How to let Baidu 3 minutes included my article

1. first select the keyword, which is essential to start

first explains why the selection keyword is the first condition. If an article was included in the Baidu, but no one has ever seen your article through Baidu search. So this collection and what use? Our goal is since Baidu included, but also ranked first, the most important people search.

to see some of the Baidu index and their web related keyword index, the first two pages to see these words, if you have the confidence to do better than others SEO, then choose these keywords. This choice has two advantages, first, these words are popular keywords, search volume is very large, if you do the first page of Baidu, then bring you flow as big as can be imagined. The second benefit is that you tend to do Baidu first page, because others although do these words, even inadvertently done with words related to the content, but you are better than their keyword optimization techniques, it is easy to do the first page of Baidu. Of course, the key word should be related to your website, otherwise it doesn’t make much sense, and it’s not good for visiting users.

example: because my company is doing home appliance sales, to see "air conditioning fan" Baidu index, the top ten have "Midea air conditioning fan" with our company is closely related. I went to Baidu search for "the United States Air conditioning fan", the results of the first page of the results of optimization is not very good, I have the ability to do Baidu first page. At the end of the first page I did deliver the goods.

2. publish keyword original articles on their website (top priority)

what’s next?. According to keywords search related articles, collect a batch of long tail keywords, around the key words, issued some of the long list of keywords, pseudo original article. Each of the keyword density is high (1000 words, can appear more than 50 words), have convenient links to related articles, the end address URL to add the keywords to do, to the long tail keywords as the title, and then display the title of the article in the website home page. To remind you that, the article’s keywords and Description must do well, I believe we are all familiar with, but here is not much mention.

article published 30 minutes later, the article reproduced to Baidu space, Sina blog, their own website to go above. In my blog, there are dozens of blogs and a lot of free building sites (such as Li Jun century university network, free net based on bamboo network) a large number of reprint articles. In this way, the weight of the original article will be greatly improved. The reason why not go to the forum release, because I am good forum will delete their own posts, bad forum, although not delete posts, but the ranking is too low to die. With a large number of old blogs and old sites friends, do rankings have very big >

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