Grassroots webmaster advice do not cheat please step by step

has been in touch with computers since 2004 for four years, but the real exposure to SEO was a year ago, that is, a year ago, I knew the Google Adsense, and knew that many webmasters were making money through it. Also in the year before I apply for the first domain in his life, bought the 100MB space, the inspection program, started this year’s tour website.

I admit that when you are a rookie (although too: -)), without any experience of SEO, I have to admit that my brain is only want to make money, then they were "very silly, very naive, crazy add a large number of keywords in the title and description. Maybe at that time, Baidu didn’t notice me. My station had a good ranking. At the peak of the day, IP exceeded 10001000IP. It was enough to make a station less than one year old and feel great satisfaction. This lasted two months, it is found that the flow has not improved, then did his now regret the decision to change most of the keywords, website ah!! confused ah, sorry, the needless to say, Baidu punished me, 100IP into the night between my 1000IP.


server has been linked to horse, Disasters pile up on one another., more than 100 from Google IP away from me. Think of Stephen Chow "Tang Bohu" the scholar said: "you don’t die Xiaoqiang, ah, you and me". "Woo, woo…" the loss is not just traffic, once lost the confidence of the site. Not long ago, in a friend’s encouragement, I started a new station tour, "no cheating, step by step into my two station motto, although the wealth of the world was a IP on only more than 300 of the station, but I have confidence to make it bigger and stronger, I don’t think I more is a common dream the head of the grassroots. The first failure, as I am now two times the establishment of the experience, every day looking at the IP in the growing, rising, finally regain their confidence to build, I know he is not a person in combat".

to write so much, not what the successful experience is not bright, or to share with you now in the mood, "no cheating," under the gradual establishment of the guiding ideology, grassroots!


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