A bad customer service may affect your website

is in a bad mood today. Come up with a few words.

, a bad customer service might end up killing your web site. That’s probably the point. However, its bad impression on customers is immeasurable. As we all know, virus marketing is very powerful and bad word-of-mouth publicity. I think you can expect the result too. After all, bad news travels far and wide and good things don’t go out.

here briefly talk about customer service attitude. Welcome Paizhuan throw tile, I built the city Queliao


recently contacted several customer service, so far so unhappy. Specific website which I will not say, we do not speak ill of people behind.

1, the site is dead, customer service is alive.

, a web site without interaction, is a "dead end" for visitors – after all, the machine is not a living person, and the website has a customer service, but never online, and its customer service is useless. If a dead stop has a "dead man" on it, it’s unthinkable.

2, human services, timely response.

, are you really busy? Why haven’t you been responding for ages? If you are busy, please add customer service. A customer service is always busy, the site is not a good site.

3, respect customers, patiently answer.

can you call names when you are bored? Is your IQ low or your customer’s IQ low? How long do you think you can’t explain clearly when you have high IQ? What is customer service for? Why don’t you answer customer’s questions?

customers want to buy your product, or are you using your product, ask more than you can do?


well, that’s all for the moment. Suggest you webmaster, or no online customer service, or good service attitude, otherwise it will backfire,


PS: the feeling king has done very well in this area. For the time being, no matter whether the king’s QQ is himself or not, the service is well done.

this is worth learning from you. Good luck with your boss,


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