do stand happy student webmaster life

for two years, not too long. But in stationmaster net this place, two years time let me read the sweet and sour of individual stationmaster all the time.

For two years in

, I hesitated and waited and dared not do any of the sites. Because I’m afraid, as most of the webmaster wrote, do stand, then there is pain. Although I love the website very much, but I take the station as my child, I do not want my child to be born in my hand, then when has not lived well, also lets him leave. If that’s the case, I’d rather he never was born. Two years, two whole years. I just looked and read, but I didn’t do anything that could be called a website!

today, I finally got the nerve to make my first In fact, he is not a website, he is just a framework. I thought about the theme of my website for a long time before I did it, but I didn’t expect it to be like this: I did a game site, and it wasn’t really a game played by anyone. Maybe because I’m interested in this game, I can’t tell you myself,


station is very simple, a DEDE, and even the general template has not changed, it was brought. Because I don’t know how to design my website, I’m just like a newborn baby to him. I don’t want him to have a beautiful shell but a little meaning are not, so I desperately for him to draw nutrients, I add a chapter of my carefully selected articles. Looked at him gradually rich content, looked at more or less in the increase of IP, my heart suddenly has a nameless moved. I think the website is like a person, if you only decorate his appearance, so he is likely to be a beast in human clothing but if you turn, his heart modified well, he is a recognized good


I thought it was really hard to do it, but in fact, it only takes me half an hour every day to update my site. Plus, the theme of the website is what I like, and I want to see his news every day, so it’s a very happy thing for me to update the website every day. I don’t have to collect it at all, because that will only make my website a garbage dump. Every day I update the article by hand and look at the string of wonderful words. I feel as if my children are smiling at me.

I think I can do it in such a happy mood, probably because I’m a station amateur, not a full-time one. Because I don’t have to think about the pressure of life. I don’t have to think about how much money the website can make for me every day. I just do what I love. But those who do full-time station owners, every day to live desperately, so they are not too happy. But I think you worry is useless, it is better to hold their pain and happy mood to update your own website, as long as you use the heart, your site will be successful, wait for your website’s success one day you can laugh!

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