How Android games embedded advertising code to make money

I believe we all know just under the framework of the Flappy Bird, can only rely on advertising to make $50 thousand a day, the majority of the other developers coveted at the same time, may cause the illusion of a lot of people: in the game code placement way of making profits has matured. Bean family network editor here to analyze how the game from Android ads, categories and the major application market of embedded advertising code audit scale etc., hope and Android enthusiasts to share and exchange.

1. The main methods and categories of embedding advertising codes

1, at present, most of the implanted ads are re signed and packaged by adding ad code to the APK package. Specific anti compiler tools are used by many people is AndroidAPKTool, first of all, to build Java development environment, configure the environment variables, install APKTool, specific methods can be self Baidu. The type of ad code Banner, floating window, the notification bar or plaque etc..

2, and the other is the Flash game crack, implanted advertising code, eventually packaged into Apk file. This method according to the network editor to understand the current domestic bean family use not many people, because there is not a universal tool to break out, but some of the Flash technology and the understanding of the people to write tools, use only in small teams. The general method is to extract the Flash file’s code from their tool software, and then integrate them into the tools, then edit and compile them. For example, first of all, you need to delete unnecessary information inside the game, such as the opening animation, the company Logo, More Games button, etc., and then you can perform the packing operation. In the meantime, you can also choose to display advertising time, for example, you can choose to show three days later to avoid market review and other acts.

two, application market, internal audit of application or game advertising scale analysis

decompile or crack good, embedded advertising code game, and ultimately to the channel release promotion, the following summarized the mainstream application market review of this situation, divided into two parts:

1, hard to pass

is second to none, the largest 360360, first of all, the copyright of the strict audit, copyright can not be confirmed, the content of the audit can not begin. As a result, the vast majority of games will be shut out of copyright. Secondly, 91, the Android market is also relatively strict copyright investigation, the probability of being passed is very low.


that can pass or is worth trying

can go through the first Baidu application center, application treasure, millet market, etc., as long as the game can run normally, no sensitive content can be docked successfully, the same applies to treasure and millet. In addition, some foreign application markets can also be adopted by one hundred percent, such as, etc., while Google Play is more tangled with registered developers – V>

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