Facing the new changes of Taobao the implementation plan of heuristic response 1

faces new changes in Taobao –

‘s implementation program for the response of the broom

a few days ago we experienced great changes in Taobao, these other colleagues in the article that is understood, I do not say, in fact with online friends joke: [Dabao, see every day; Taobao, see every day], to describe today’s Taobao is appropriate




know the change, we should be how to deal with it, this is a real problem, because some "change" and "love", brought into the home page, the next question is: "what?!", and "punished" and "limbo", out of the large flow, how to do?! is Lin Daiyu (crying) when, or when ah q (coldly)?! so the executive floor plan is urgent to solve the problem of



today Xiaobian experiments in the past few days, to give you a share, may not be suitable for your category, but ideas should be inspired to you! Let s go


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the specific strategies before small love with some concluding words, to reflect the "water", "water" culture also cover a flat, this change a lot, but I think this is the "shock", is the change before the "specific action", the purpose is to attract attention, reform or "step by step", so we do not become "a badly frightened person, be calm! So a word, in response to changes in only one sentence:" status quo "! (so we want to know what is not so good! Do!)


1. [constant one: single weight traffic portal]

may have to pay attention to the large flow of people before the entrance: Taobao, Tmall, Taobao comprehensive default category, Tmall comprehensive category, and not to focus on the flow of small flow entrance! But no matter how comprehensive, tofu how to change, how to adjust the proportion of the index weight, the weight of a single flow entrance never change! (sales, price, credit, the latest



So when

comprehensive mutation or frequent changes in Taobao, as long as we stopped the single flow entrance position, will calm many, this is the same one! Here carefully about every entrance to the capture strategy of


1.1 sales sorting entry

sales have been an important factor affecting the strength of the baby, but also the impact of buyers purchase options important

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