How to solve the QQ space constrained problem

, as we all know, there are more and more restrictions from the media, whether it is QQ space or WeChat public number, both of these restrictions are very common. It’s like QQ space, sometimes restricting your friends into space, and sometimes your space access changes. Especially if QQ space is forbidden to visit, if we don’t deal with it in time, our loss will be very great. So we’ve been limited. What should we do about it,


normally, we are to be due to limited space for some reason, but sometimes you no violations were also prohibited access to space, in recent days my traffic is restricted, friends can not enter my space. So, how did I do that,


first: to customer service consulting

when our space is limited, the only thing that can help us solve is the official, so we can promptly consult the Tencent official. Sometimes it can’t be accessed because of system problems. Sometimes it can be caused by illegal operation. When our space is restored to normal, we’d better complete the relevant information. Space authentication, for example.

second: insist on sending photos, dynamic

space has a problem, after that, just friends can not enter our space, can not leave a message. But the pictures we send are still displayed in the good room of the other party, as shown in

we can take corresponding photos to the corresponding album, upload photos will automatically jump out after the title and description, the title and description are written the same, so we can display the uploaded content in a friend’s room, and description. When space is limited, it is not able to send text messages directly, but there is no difference between sending photos and sending them. Because my space is funny and so on, so our photo is accompanied by a title description, then the impact on the friends still have little impact. The only effect is that friends are not able to access space directly.

third: explain to friends

in the second step, we upload content friends can see, then, we can directly communicate with friends. Why,


we uploaded photos. Displayed in the space of friends, friends can still comment later, then, after our space restrictions, friends will review the way we move back and forth. Then we need to first time to inform friends, call them shaoanwuzao. In this way, we will see that we have accumulated a group of hardcore fans, who are very supportive of us.

fourth: to further maintain good friends

we know that when the space is limited, our powder drops are very serious. Because we can’t be friends

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