Small talk about the use of micro blog online brand building

, an online shop brand is the root of the long online money shop, today I talk about how to use micro-blog to better create our online shop brand. Micro-blog is a new platform for today’s communication efforts most widely, it travels so that each professional marketing personnel, for example, some time ago micro-blog be struck dumb, several celebrities among words, micro-blog has helped to spread the amazing, almost just a few minutes of countless people forward, can imagine on micro-blog spread speed how fast the same as also defeated micro-blog micro-blog, micro-blog and many celebrities because some of their improper speech was spreading rapidly lead to the closure of micro-blog, these facts tell us that to micro-blog’s influence is undoubtedly, we must learn to use micro-blog to build our own brand shop.

maybe a lot of enterprises, shop owners have begun to join micro-blog in the shop, on the site, but a lot of details without noticing that micro-blog will like to use the same message board, which in the use of micro-blog to have a lot of problems in brand shop, is far more powerful play micro-blog, here I come talk about how to use micro-blog to build a better brand.

first: shape the official image,

China proverb says people rely on clothes horse saddle, with, for example, an entrepreneur if he attended the event wearing a copycat Pierre Cardin believe that others think he is still wearing genuine, but also, if a beggar wearing genuine Adidas, what will people think the same? Is he to disdain, despise him, he think the brand is certainly copycat, this is the common psychological situation of consumers, we must fully understand the psychology of consumers, when we build the brand shop, produce strong customer trust to the use of this mentality of consumers.

first, when we create the official micro-blog, micro-blog’s name to choose our shop’s flagship product name, this can be the first time to allow the user to remember what you are doing and what you are selling. Especially some enterprises direct sales shop, can be their flagship product named micro-blog, then micro-blog must add their own business or shop logo, micro-blog should be in our shop, secondly, micro-blog’s domain name, it is best to shop and our enterprises to use the domain name or domain name. If the match has been registered, you can consider adding numbers to replace, so as to make the user feel micro-blog professional enough, enough official.

second: Official micro-blog content publishing tips

for the enterprise or the official micro-blog shop, a lot of people to think of is the official day in a serious face image, so our official micro-blog released the content should not be too rigid, can have the official announcement, the most serious, but micro-blog can best be relaxed, humorous, the only way to let users better we remember the official micro-blog, published in the official micro-blog "with humorous content

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