Website 3 months PR value reached 3

began to do web site in 2005, the first station is a TV site, because there is no TV in school, you can only surf the internet. And now the Internet is generally streaming media format, but also not encrypted ah, as long as the address to get, you can directly look at the player, so opened a station like this. The flow was bad, but there was a Baidu support. Slowly, well, and just met the world cup, traffic soared ah. Ip6700 one day. The web site can’t be opened. But without income, stop the website.

this year, I have opened a station like this, WWW.TV44.CN, developed with CSS + DIV. Mainly to learn about the SEO, the title ah. Keywords ah, all the optimization, the most important thing is to send a post, find friendship connection, and both are big web site. It’s very meaningful for me to improve the PR of my station.

I think: looking for friendship connection can be from personal technology, blog, ah, preferably independent web site blog, their PR are very high. Or is this kind of link page available on every page of the site, including the inside page?. This will help greatly improve your website’s PR.

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