Site construction a series of operations the positioning of three sites

a website, in the choice of a domain name, you need to start planning and construction.

a website is just like a person, a person who knows himself well, can handle correctly, behave, and progress. The site is the same, the importance of the positioning of the site is very clear, a website selling pork like Sina do wrong again, clear the portal; a portal website does a site like PR10 as solemn, nor desirable.

is a personal gain be the same outside and inside, a condition of the trust of others. The same is true of websites,

sites are generally divided into the following types:

1. display type 2. content type 3. function type

three, each site has a cross, but with some emphasis. Specific circumstances, and the positioning of a web site,

!Here are a few examples:

1. enterprises and institutions website.

is a typical showcase of such websites. Mainly looking for an appearance, reflecting more units of the characteristics and concepts, the design and art of higher requirements. This website is mainly need to have a name card on the Internet website, do the more beautiful the more OK, with more advanced and more OK, once saw a peer with JSP to a government made by DW can be made out of the station, what chickens with knife? ", what are possible


2. portal and industry station.

this kind of website to text content, the operation is essential for SEO, so you need to inject the concept of SEO design, gorgeous FLASH no, beautiful picture is saved, H1 is essential, each page of the keywords and description are not the same. Also need to have a good link system, the weight of the high, left, and above a little more. Interaction, comment, etc. is also essential, in short, this station requires two words: flow. Of course, the user’s friendliness is becoming more and more important to the search engine. It is also a necessary condition for the long-term development of the website.

3. functional

, an innovative web site, requires both good Idea and technical staff to implement the Idea. Functional web sites can say "NO" to search engines because they have their core competencies. Even Facebook, youtube and twitter of the domain name not easy to remember, he also did not do much to SEO, but the powerful function to bring them is Everfount visitors, in fact this is the power of the development of the Internet! Functional site is not what you say, programming, and programming! JSP or PHP Oracle? Or SQL? These all need technical personnel to fix.

three types of websites basically constitute the three type of Internet >

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