Successful webmaster will be on the ten big Adsense website

webmaster need to learn, need to communicate, almost every webmaster hands are collected a lot of webmaster class web site. The following ten webmaster site according to the site traffic, ranking, visibility and influence comprehensive recommendation in the industry, in no particular order, although there are several websites unfamiliar, but with more features, also has a very good development potential, so it is recommended, some believe that this website rookie can give the webmaster bring some surprises.

1. Webmaster net


To analyze the characteristics of

: three of the webmaster portal, a large amount of information, updates faster, more than the original, each grassroots webmaster will be on the website, especially the forum, positioning to establish a brand owners trading, has been in the industry, has formed a good reputation in the webmaster user groups, whether it is well-known and industry influence, all is one of the best, although the show on stage, but the development speed is very fast.

there is insufficient: Although the amount of information is large, but a lot of information and grass roots stand out of line, although the original, but the essence of the content is relatively small, the webmaster needs to spend some time to find. Adsense network to develop into the biggest soft Wen release platform, so go is not the essence of the line.

development proposals: control the amount and quality of information, and try to maintain the correlation with the webmaster, and encourage the webmaster to create the essence of content.

recommend reason: is the webmaster hair soft platform, but also the webmaster will trade on the web site.

2. Stationmaster station,


features: it is one of three big Adsense portal, is a veteran Adsense website, the number of years longer, update the amount of information is very large, but most of the information reproduced, and grassroots station looks disjointed, can see the article is less, but the station’s source code download, webmaster tools, webmaster statistics, host network operation is very good, is also often on website.

deficiencies: information is not enough to do, and many of the information is not related to the webmaster, pure into IT information station, and at the same time, the original class articles are not many, audit more strict, more difficult to pass.

development proposal: update the information should be based on quality assurance, while encouraging users to contribute the essence of the original article, in order to improve the overall quality of the site.

recommend reason: is a veteran website, provide some resources is very good, a few of its products are very useful for the webmaster.

3. Laggards,


features: 8 years old culture forum, generations of webmaster, many well-known webmaster from behind, relatively rare is the 8 year, the forum style has never changed, but also posting webmaster forum volume and the most popular forum, but now it seems that there is downward trend, now.

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