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wrote this article, but also to see a lot, here are many of the same as I am confused about the Internet friend. Believe me, writing this article will bring some enlightenment to some of my friends.

, 3 years ago, I once did a local forum, and it was also on the Internet all the time, making a sensation for a while. But later focused on opening the QQ group, leading to the forum to browse the post, the post will be less, and ultimately because of the forum constantly upgrade, change different forum procedures, and eventually ruined the data. The forum also came to nothing. My half year’s effort is so expensive.

two years later, I got the urge to start a new forum again. This time I learned the lessons of the past, so I think this forum must be done well. The success of the local forum, in fact, represents the discovery of gold mines in your area.

soon, I used the highest use of the current DZ forum, with a friend borrowed a space, a night time to configure the forum up. Then, through QQ, I used to add a few old friends from the forums to a new group, then chat with them and tell them I want to re – act as a forum. They all agreed, but they also lost their former vigor and helped little at the end.

we have a large forum here, I want to go beyond him, or a blank forum is difficult. So I came up with an idea, do not stop the registration vest, and then stop the post at the top, put most of the forum posts on the hair plate, and then mixed with a relatively large local forum, and then inside with several prestigious members became friends, and then began to draw these friends I take a member, then I give them a high authority.

this way, there is a man they gave me my own drive, then again and again in the local forum and chat room publicity, I almost 10 hours several previous three months on the forum propaganda, and build their own forum management team at the same time, we should know that without a good management team. No matter how propaganda are not used. So with three months, my forum has a certain impact, and it was a bit of a shock for the local forum.

In addition

I often organize the party games and so on, and soon attracted a lot of local members, slowly through a series of promotional tools, a lot of people every day for the forum registration, but also can quickly with friends here to mingle.

when there is a certain influence, I started looking for our local radio station, the cooperation of the two programs more influential with them, and then I give them the show also opened the two plate on the radio. They also wantonly give me publicity. This is important, and if your forum is a little more famous, it will do you a lot of good to work with other media.

has been running this forum for almost a year now

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