Personal website experience hard to build the foundation

I started building in 04 years, and now it has been more than 6 years, maybe for the old webmaster, I am still a novice, and today I would like to say a few words about my personal site idea. First I declare that I don’t understand the code, the program and the space are all paid for.

the first thing I do is a wine website, when is to spend a lot of money, bought a set of procedures and space, then a development program to advice, let the customer information and customer retention, I added the information retained customers, developers are garbage, put the money to the end, no matter what time, no way to find their own purchase information, a day to add 10 sites a few news a day plus more than 200, and I was in the same stage and alcohol site, then spend 2 million to do, Chinese wine net, then spend 400 thousand to do, I spent 5 thousand yuan, but I am a man, and their natural strength than do nothing, but I believe that the site is on time, depending on the amount of information, the basic 8-10 hours every day I sat in the computer Bangbian, non-stop search purchase information, about wine, Red wine, white wine, wine, rice wine and so on, a search, Baidu on the news, I immediately added to my web site, in the evening to write a blog, post, find QQ group, find links, and so on. Three months on the wine keywords, my site basically all in the home page, but later because of the relationship with the network company did not deal with, the website was forced to shut down.

had the previous experience, I build a thermal processing navigation network in June 09 (, because it is a professional navigation station, no business is willing to add their own web site, I began to collect on the hot processing of the web site, a week in the more than 1000 site, plus some on the hot processing of the news, after a week, Baidu included my website, corresponding to the "heat processing, heat processing, heat processing and navigation network" network "and other key words in a month in the Baidu home page, after the establishment of the network link free (, start some lazy this website has been ranked, not the original


is now online a lot about website optimization, a word in more than 5000, in fact, I think it is not necessary, unless you are very rich, the content of the website is not to rely on optimization, as long as you have website information, see more people, Baidu will pay attention to, I halfway to a company website maintenance all day, plus news, day 300-400 plus, what are the original, do not change, all put up, Baidu spider climb site to 30 minutes, every 200 to 300 is included in the amount of the increase, Baidu included more, more than 20 thousand pages, a program to flow in more than 1000 and for an industry station is not easy.

in fact, wordy so much, want to tell some webmaster a thing, is hard, web site, no opportunistic, content as the first, as long as your web site has content, you can keep people, not >

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