Ziling network Xu Chao 11 years of website operation is to insist on doing not give off

11 years of the Internet is a what kind of concept? 2000 do not know whether you begin to contact the Internet, and there are a number of sites, in 2000 began to build, and developed gradually, this 11 years suffered what opportunities and challenges, will experience what the


May 19th A5 http://s.ziling.com/   version of the chat invitation you; founder Xu Chao shared his 11 years of website operation network Ziling stories and experiences, as well as the problems encountered and solutions, this paper focuses on finishing version, welcome to discuss.


website Ziling for 11 years, the site is now the income flow of these situations, as well as the current site location of these aspects? Please introduce guests.

answer: every day the number of on-line forum Ziling is about 100 thousand IP, there is no high dating community forum. BBS income, mainly rely on Baidu and Google alliance, there are some monthly advertising, support for new dating platform development or enough, not to mention how much specific. Ha-ha。

: let’s give a ballpark figure, let’s have a pretty good look at the income of the 11 year old web site. How much revenue does the Google and Baidu alliance earn in the forum’s revenue, and how much percentage of the total revenue? Besides the alliance and advertising revenue, what are the profit ways for the forum?

answer: Baidu and Google’s revenue ratio is about 3:1, but advertising revenue is secondary to us. We will mainly charge directly to the user later, and advertising will be enough to maintain the cost.

asked: Ziling forum style style is a bit like Tianya, simple. It is not easy to adhere to the energy-saving operation for 11 years, but did not find much commercial value in the forum, less advertising businesses, would like to ask the guest why not do business advertising but Baidu


answer: the forum itself is not too much commercial value, we are now mainly doing ziling.com this dating platform. Forum to attract popular oriented. Focus on development or in the community of friends?. Dating platform is our own research and development, the forum is to use DZ 7, thank you for your attention.

ask: do the forum is to accumulate popularity as a social networking platform, but the SNS platform is also more difficult to make money, Ziling forums user group is free, it will not affect the accumulation of social forum users


answer: we are relatively pure dating sites, and purely SNS model is completely different, whether it is used or functional entirely different. But now our understanding remains in SNS, after all, are not familiar with, we consider later renamed Ziling lover, ha ha.

asked, "11 years is very long. How do you keep going,


answer: do, do not give up, and say "depend on this!"

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