What is the best skill for an enterprise website to gain customers

if you have a stable website every day visitors, so congratulations to you, your website promotion but not full of sound and colour, satisfied with the status quo, to see how these visitors into your customers:

one, tell the caller why you chose

visitors to your website, is to offer a choice of psychology, in their heart already has a prototype of a product or service, is always looking for the corresponding enterprises, if you can put your product or service advantage show your visitors, this will allow the customer have the feeling of brief encounter, the premise is your product or service must be able to solve customer problems, and must have a clear understanding of customer needs


some of the company’s products, services are better than peer competitors, but no positive show to see visitors, and directly led to the loss of customers, so enterprises in the construction site to visitors to select your reasons on the home page more eye-catching position, not to hide, there are a lot of enterprises to their advantage in the enterprise introduction, this will undoubtedly increase the visitors know your advantages difficult to know your visitors are not loyal FANS, it is not possible to your site are carefully read every single word or phrase.

two, make your visitors interested in the website,

is not in any way to your site visitors, they want to see their own interest or useful information, if your website at that moment the user opens to let visitors see a lot of you want to click on something, that is the most successful. This involves the website content structure design, when the website plan should fully grasp visitor’s psychology, makes every effort to let visitor’s eyeball not be reluctant to leave your website. Only in this way can the visitors be prompted for further operations.

three, what’s the advantage of giving your visitors


is mainly related to the products or services described above, not to introduce products, the ultimate goal is to sell out, so in the written product must be introduced with a positive feeling, let visitors see the products not only have an understanding of this product, and has seen this product bring your own life convenient, fashion

four, let your visitors trust you,

It is self-evident importance of

trust, all business activities are based on trust, it is best to add some of your visitors know on your website, often on the site, or local government, let visitors to your website can have an authoritative, warm feeling.

five, teach your visitors how to do

in front of the four step can be done successfully break through the psychological barrier of users, the next step is the specific operation process, your site must be brief and clear to let visitors understand how to buy products or services, and do not appear to have a lot of visitors to send you similar to your XX> every day

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