Why is Ali Qianjun million yards of face in O2O a WeChat

read Ali O2O brand leader of the secret speech, according to my personal point of view, Ali in the future O2O battlefield, to defeat in the Tencent.

Ali’s "big O2O" strategy, its layout is intended to annual sales of one billion, stores over one hundred of enterprises pull High German map of this carrying body, the completion of Ali’s O2O layout.

Ali O2O strategy, is complete and the armed forces, respectively – have the following participation in the war, they were the Taobao mobile phone, micro Amoy, integral system, Alipay wallet, travel, shopping guide treasure, High German map, consisting of Ali O2O strategy army.

from the positioning of these products, the mobile phone Taobao is still continuing PC side of the story, paste, copy, PC end that set of gameplay. Many people criticize according to this play, Taobao’s mobile phone sooner or later.

but I don’t think so, although the true nature of this play not through eating the mobile Internet, but to use the Taobao PC Tmall’s influence, move a part of traffic to the mobile phone terminal, mobile phone terminal solution from 0 to 1 of the process.

next, it is more important role is to use the flow of moving over, to cultivate micro Amoy this little son, this is Ali in the mobile phone Taobao’s true meaning.

then let’s look at the real intention of micro amoy.

micro Amoy flagship business networking, by pushing text message with commercial properties, enhance the members’ attention, and in the business activities, through the issuance of coupon wake-up members; this is similar to WeChat’s products, but it should be noted that the micro Amoy more because of commercial and social, but because WeChat social and business. This is my first mention of Ali’s big O2O strategy, the key reason to lose in the Tencent.

from Ali Wangwang by first positioning as a communication tool, after the transformation of subdivision as commercial communication tools we can see, due to the commercial social is not sticky, not sticky social tools, it is difficult to form the spread of spontaneous users, to maintain its survival, only interests.

micro Amoy is a carrier for Ali O2O, that is to say from the Online to Offline flow of information, need to rely on micro Amoy to carrying and spreading; we all know that O2O is not just the most important how to layout the scene two online and offline, the key is how to put online and offline in interactive up.

micro Amoy by what active


like this micro Amoy commercial social tools, able to maintain its activity, only coupons, activities, and secret integral; in his speech for C2B, Yan man through the release of 500 products, allowing users to vote for the 150 most popular products, after finishing for gold and then arrange orders, do their eyes C2B, use C2B to interact.

is also doing very well at Tmall now

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