Taobao customers can also do operating Taobao customers share several ideas

when Taobao and Baidu animosity, Taobao seems to want to build a hand off Taobao army destroyed, perhaps Taobao saw beautiful sites such as said, using the method of Taobao experience sharing with Taobao to cut off the source of traffic gradually trend, in this context, Taobao apparently began to blow off from the support of Taobao Taobao off into, because according to Taobao’s strong style, he was not willing to be upstream of the flow control, for Taobao’s development is extremely unfavorable, so Taobao began working with Baidu, Baidu naturally happy to earn this huge advertisers.

When Baidu

hand blow off Taobao, Taobao Taobao also began to change the attitude of customers, which will make the operation Taobao customers suffered a hitherto unknown difficulties, so now to the webmaster friends can do Taobao off? The answer is yes, because as long as Taobao did not shut down the profit model then, a cat cat, snake snake, there are always ways for money off Taobao, this paper from the following aspects to share Taobao customer ideas.

one, keyword selection to more long tail

is now the mainstream about Taobao keyword basically at Baidu have been bidding, and a large number of portals also cut this huge target market for small Taobao guest website, want to share in the mainstream market keywords on a share, the difficulty can be imagined, now only from Taobao passenger operations keywords to market segments, even further extraction of long tail keywords has to do some competitive segments from the environment, so as to let yourself get the living space in the narrow crevice, of course, in this huge Taobao off the plate, for the individual owners, as long as the tiny cracks, often it can make a good profit.

two, website template should pay attention to personalized

Baidu has now started off on Taobao force removal principle, now Baidu made innovations, Scindapsus algorithm and original algorithm, algorithm and a series of pomegranate nouns are so many Taobao guest is injured, and some of the traditional optimization method also allows Taobao customers hard to do, even do have to face Baidu punishment, in this environment, Taobao will be off the path, from the code, the website is to create a more avant-garde fashion type website, or industry standard for the description of the keywords and website, Taobao will further weaken the function of the customer, this new architecture Taobao off site is often Baidu recognized, so that Taobao customer sites have a certain living space.

three, innovative Taobao customer mode

for the content of the website and the optimization is no longer here to elaborate, stressed that Taobao customers innovative business model, this is the key to the success of Taobao customers, Taobao customers must not Taobao customer code on their web site, can be their own website on your site in the at the same time.

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