The new Olympic Valley P reached 894 on Chongqing yesterday

was surprised to find that yesterday officially launched the Olympic Valley Chongqing day IP up to 894, but was destroyed, the details to share here!

with excitement and regret their Olympic Valley out in the Chongqing site announced yesterday. Exciting is finally round his dream, is the webmaster, how loud call! But it is a pity that I have always wanted to do but stand and take a lot of detours, and has discovered the contest webmaster network. In fact, I can only be a novice SEO, contact SEO or this year began, but he was attracted by his mysterious, and unable to extricate themselves. So I started on the Internet to find a lot of books to learn SEO avidly, and his graduation thesis also changed the. But when it comes to actual combat experience, almost zero, to participate in this game is purely fun, but also to take the dream of their own webmaster.

, it’s not so easy for a guy who has really made a web site for the first time. Because of his horse and technology always, or download zblog to modify, but some of what you have spent more than a day, until the day before upload to space. I know the content is the soul of the website, so I began to collect some better articles. I also know that late promotion is more important, so yesterday I released my website to the major forums, communities, and looked around for the chain. And it is here and I should mention the website alarming traffic sources is an original article I published exclusive report: April 19th Chongqing Yangjiaping yesterday (a large number of photos), I had to collect these photos and posted the article did not think so, I just want to let everyone look this event. But as I watched more and more people come to visit and reach the maximum capacity of my space, I was really happy. However, unfortunately is a webmaster friends told me the website was like GOOGLE K, I was really scared ah, don’t such DOA? He did not have a little experience, but in the analysis of the webmaster friends know this may be because of my change the title, and listen to them to say GOOGLE are generally not K. Oh, very fortunately today was back, although my site in GOOGLE as yet no row, but the flow is really makes me very happy, so here to share with you a little, if a good master can show I the novice, the niche in this thanks in advance. Follow up: when I was ready to send this article, but found that my site can not open. And tell the network service provider receiving space for me to give it deleted the NB article, my God! A ~ 100 abstruse cereal SEO contest (April 21st)

news briefing

is now the 19:57 in April 21st, after just one after another, Chongqing 100 abstruse cereal reports for you in today’s competition briefing:


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